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The Reason I came to Animas High School




When I came to Animas High School I saw a lot of reasons to come here. There were three main reasons I came here it was a project based school, students had more freedom than in a traditional school, and the size of the school.



Whereas when I did a project on Rosa Parks and the butterfly effect and know I have a better understanding of the butterfly effect. I really saw this in the culture of Animas. I really LOVED that they were really about hands-on learning.


Another thing I liked about Animas was fact that the school has a student-teacher relationship meaning that they trust the students with the ability to have more freedom. So the students can create a project with tons of freedom. Also you now that the teachers well understand if you weren’t at school because you had a family emergency or you were out sick. Have this relationship knowing that you can talk to them about work and ask them questions is really helpful.


The last thing I really liked was the size of the school. It’s small so you well know a lot of people so you will feel comfortable to work in groups and participate. This will helped prepare me to see how I socialize with people is letting me prepare myself for a workplace and help me feel included in my community. This was also great because the teaches can notice if there something wrong with and see how it may affect your grades.


These are the reason I chose this high school to prepare me for my future. It is so nice being able to fit in with peers this helps me get feedback and see my work and improve it to so of my best work.


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